Saturday, August 2, 2008

Prayers for the Stallings Family

As you all must know by now, my family lives and breathes ALABAMA FOOTBALL!!! We love the "Bear"....We love Gene Stallings.....We love "T-Town".......We love the Capstone.....We love us some Rammer Jammer YellowHammer......WE LOVE ALL THINGS ALABAMA FOOTBALL!! Yes, we even love them through the scandals!! It's a good thing we already bleed CRIMSON!!!
This morning, Gene Stallings son, John Mark passed away.....he was 46. John Mark lived, breathed and loved the Tide.......he was always on the sidelines or in the box with his Momma. The Tide was his true love....John Mark never played a snap. Never made a pass. Never took a knee.....John Mark had Down's Syndrome and was everyone's "little brother" even though he was quite a bit older than some.
John Mark was his Daddy's heart. Any time he spoke of John Mark, there was a certain sparkle in his eyes that can only come from a Daddy that loves UNCONDITIONALLY! I imagine that it's the same look God has for us. Coach Stallings and Ruth Anne are going to be going through the motions for a long time.....John Mark was their world. They even wrote a book about raising him in a time where most people wouldn't even give him a look. I imagine that raised Ruth Ann's hackles on more than one ocassion but knew that they were the ones missing out.....
Our prayers go out to the family of Coach Gene Stallings and all the people that were touched by John Mark...........To read more about John Mark Stallings, click here:

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LouLou said...

You know I LOVE that family and am praying for them....

love you.